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Heal liv hair transplant and dermatology specialized clinic

Heal liv hair transplant and dermatology specialized clinic offering hair transplant and dermatology service for the last four years with advanced treatments for hair loss, skin conditions, and cosmetic procedures.
These clinics are staffed with skilled dermatologists, cosmetologist and physicians who specialize in restoring hair and addressing various skin issues. From follicular unit transplantation to laser therapy and cosmetic dermatology, these clinics provide comprehensive care to enhance both hair health and skin appearance.

Our Services

*Male and female Hair Transplant
*Breed transplant

Hair transplant

 Skincare Consultation  Classic facial  Microneedling  PRP  Mesotherapy

Cosmetology service

Any medical and minor surgery treatment related with skin & nail diseases and abnormalities

Dermatology service

 Vampire facial  Chest facial  Back facial  Dermaplanning facial  Hydrafacial

 Cosmetology service

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