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Heal Africa Health City (HAHC) is a share company founded in 2019 by 14 mixed professionals, primarily medical and health specialists. The company has since increased its number of shareholders to about 300 through share selling and currently includes 120 medical specialists and sub-specialists with extensive experience in both medical services and academic areas in the country and abroad. The company’s primary objective is to establish a self-contained health city that will be the largest health facility in Africa and serve as a center of excellence in medical tourism.

The company was founded by a diverse group of professionals from various fields including law, economics, business administration, marketing, architecture, civil engineering, and software engineering, all of whom are Ethiopian nationals or Ethiopian diasporas. The company benefits from the diverse skill sets of its founders.

The “Health City” is a self-contained medical center that includes multiple super-specialty hospitals providing tertiary-level medical care in one location. It also offers a range of supporting services for patients, clients, families, and caregivers, as well as medical teaching, training, and research. The health city concept is a modern way of delivering comprehensive healthcare, similar to models in America, Europe, and some Asian and Middle Eastern countries.


The company has fully furnished, equipped and staffed (more than 10 highly skilled and
dedicated full time staffs) project coordination office at Addis Ababa, Bole sub-city, woreda 2, SUR Construction building 5th floor. 

The company has a strong financial position, project coordination capacity, recognition, and business network with relevant companies from well-known hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers in countries such as Turkey, USA, Indonesia, the Emirates and others.

Project Management and Governance

The company is using a corporate management system and governance structure that works toward satisfying client/patients need by ensuring provision of wide range of quality medical service and increasing profit growth for the shareholders. While implementing corporate investments and strategic guidance there are a number of stakeholders which are expected to work in harmony with each other. 

To avoid mismanagement, ensure accountability and transparency, mitigate risk and enable shared company operate more efficiently HAHC governance structure have general assembly, governing board, advisory board and senior management team. Each body has its own roles and responsibilities.


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