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        Heal Africa Health City (HAHC) is a share company founded in 2019 by  mixed professionals, primarily medical and health specialists. The company has since increased its number of shareholders to about 650 through share selling and currently includes 220 medical specialists and sub-specialists with extensive experience in both medical services and academic areas in the country and abroad. The company’s primary objective is to establish a self-contained health city that will be the largest health facility in Africa and serve as a center of excellence in medical tourism.

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Why you should WorkInvest with us ?


A team of strong leaders with diverse professional backgrounds, all fully committed and unafraid to take risks, working together to achieve a common goal – the possibilities are endless and the potential for success is truly limitless!


We communicate well

“Communication is key” – and with a strong communication platform and frequent meetings among leadership members, success is not just possible, it’s inevitable!


Double return on investment

Invest with confidence, reap double the rewards, and make a lasting impact – our tested projects not only guarantee profitability, but also contribute to saving lives and making a difference in the world!


Projects are already ongoing

From securing big projects to developing new health facilities and ongoing activities, we’re making waves and leaving a lasting impact – join us and be a part of something truly remarkable!


organizational Structure

Our Blueprint for Success: Below is how we do organize the company


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Do you want to solve your nations daring problem?

We can do it together!

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