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Heal Africa Health City S.C accomplishments has been announced for the shareholders

"Revolutionizing Healthcare: Heal Africa Health City Takes the Lead in Expanding Access to Quality Medical Care"

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ceo presnting about the accomplishment

During its recent members acceptance conference at Eliana Hotel, the board of management of Heal Africa Health City Share Company proudly announced their pioneering work in the healthcare industry. Through the establishment of new institutions and the acquisition of renowned health facilities, Heal Africa Health City has positioned itself as a leader in the healthcare market.

The company’s recent acquisitions include the massive Bethel Teaching Hospital and its affiliated medical college, built on an area of 10,000 and 26,000 square meters respectively. Additionally, the newly established Heal Africa Kemise General Hospital in Kemise city provides medical services built on an area of 2,200 square meters ground.

Heal Africa Health City has also ventured into specialty clinics, offering innovative treatments such as the Heal-Liv Hair Transplant and Dermatology Clinic and the Heal Africa Kidney Dialysis and Internal Medicine Specialty Clinics. These clinics have received widespread acceptance and acclaim from customers seeking quality medical care.

At the conference, shareholders who invested in Heal Africa Health City also expressed their enthusiasm for the company’s mission and actively participated in discussions about its future growth.

With a commitment to “Healing hands, compassionate hearts for a prosperous life!” Heal Africa Health City is poised to revolutionize healthcare by expanding access to quality medical care for all.

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